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Why you need your copy of
ReThink Money for Children & Teens!
The aim of ReThink Money for Children & Teens is to teach children and teens to become financially smart.

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or an aunt or uncle,
we want to help your child or teen to gain mastery over a subject matter that terrifies most adults.

Understanding Money.
A Book with A Big Difference:
  • Empowering your Child or Teen to lead an extraordinary life starts with mastering money
  • Step-by-step, hand-holding for your Child or Teen to understand how to make, grow and scale their money
  • Over 33 home based businesses that your Child or Teen can start today
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About The Authors
Chris Farrell
"Chris started a digital marketing business that within three years saw him become one of the most in-demand speakers in the world on the topic of business growth and marketing"

Paul O'Mahoney
"Three times best selling author and award-winning public speaker specializing in Digital Marketing, Mindset and Wealth Management"

About CF & POM
CF and POM are the animated version of Chris Farrell & Paul O'Mahoney.  CF and POM appear in the book many times, as well as in the video training too (more on that on the next page)
Here's Why You Want This Book Now
The aim of Rethink Money for Children & Teens is to teach children and teens how to become financially smart.

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or even a big brother or big sister, we want to help your child or teen gain mastery over a subject matter that terrifies most adults.

Understanding Money.

Did you know most American families are only a few lost paychecks away from insolvency…

Did you know over 53% of adults are at risk of not having enough money when they retire…

Did you know more than 1 on 3 workers have less than $1000 saved…

It shouldn’t be like this. We don’t want this for our children.

Financial literacy - getting smart about money - is one of the greatest 
gifts you can share with your child or teen - and it’s the only thing that is not taught in schools.

So let's change this.   

If you would like your 7 to 17 year old to be financially educated and live a better fuller, richer life - grab your FREE COPY of Rethink Money for Children & Teens on this page now.

Inside Rethink Money your Child or Teen will Discover….
  • Our EXCLUSIVE 4-step LEAP System.  
  • LEARN.  In the LEARN section in the book, your Child or Teen will learn various aspects about money.  From the 5 Levels of Wealth, to Savings and Checking Accounts, Needs vs Wants, Assets & Liabilities, and much more
  • EARN.  In the EARN section we have over 37 different home based businesses that your Child or Teen can set up from home
  • ACCELERATE.  In the ACCELERATE section we will share with your Child or Teen simple savings and investments that will help to grow and scale their wealth
  • PLAY.  In PLAY we share how to give back to others and how to make a real impact with your family, friends and community.
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Rethink Money for Children & Teens:   Your Financial Freedom Playbook
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